PTP820 vs FibeAir IP-20

Since my questions didn't get answered during the webinar, I thought I'd ask them here.

Did Cambium partner up with Ceragon to produce these? They're identical to the FibeAir IP-20 line. 

On the IP-20 radios you have to configure the radio on the MGMT port and then move the Ethernet cable to the data port regardless of how you have the management setup. It's a real inconvenience to have to climb the tower to move the cable over. When I asked Ceragon about that, there only response was, "Run another CAT6 cable for management", seriously? 

Are we going to be facing the same situation with this unit?

Is the Cambium GUI going to follow the same traditional GUI that previous PTP800/810 are using or is the GUI similar to the Ceragon? I'm asking since the Ceragon GUI is horrible compared to Cambium.

Cambium Networks is a leading global provider of wireless broadband solutions that connect the unconnected. We work with many technology partners as we create our extensive portfolio of wireless broadband point-to-point and point-to-multipoint platforms, but we never disclose who those partners are.   Our focus is to provide scaleable network solutions, with great tools like Link planner, excellent support and ultimately unify it all within a cloud based network management environment.



Thank you for the quick response Allen. With all due respect, however, it sounded like you were reading from a brochure...

Please disregard my first question. Can you answer my other questions?



We highly recommend get the radio pre-configured before the tower installation. The radio can be configured as in-band management, which will need just one cable for both PoE, user traffic and maangement.

THe PTP820 has a different UI compare to PTP800. Since it is a feature rich radio, the configuraiton is more complicated than PTP800.



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I’m just starting my ptp820 research as the ptp800 fit the bill for a long time.

I’m not sure I saw a direct answer to the mgmt port question. I understand configuring prior to tower placement. However.

If there is an issue or the radio config gets reset to defaults, is the radio accessible from the data port?

PTP 820 supports in-band management.

If there is an issue, the radio is accessible from the data port if the unit is configured for in-band management.

In-band management is not the default, so if the radio gets set to factory default, management is only accessible via the management port.

Setting the radio to factory default is not done via a recovery button or power cycle sequence--the end-user has to be very intentional about setting the unit to factory default. (It's done via the web-based management interface--the end-user has to have access to management in order to set the radio to factory default.)

Does this answer your question?



Before you fly the radio, build a management service on the port youll use for traffic. Test before flying .

If your customer puts a vlan on the management as many do, then you'll need a switch to log in via the traffic port.

I use a little netgear switch for that.. These days we just run an extra cat5 for management and leave it hanging in the cabinet for tech use. 

The extra cable costs next to nothing and can be handy as a spare if you ever need it.

Paul in AZ

In reply to Paul,

Make sure that you use Lightning protection on the Management cable if you leave installed in place. Grounding is essential as this cable will become a huge lightning rod if left unterminated at the bottom of the tower.