PTP820C (1+0) remote mount configuration

Dear Sirs,

The Bill of Material (BOM) of Link Planner we have a list where are included  DC REMOTE MOUNT KIT and OMT KIT 6GHz. Could you explain what is the difference between them?

In the Installation Manual we have DC REMOTE MOUNT KIT only in (2+0) configuration but, in Link Planner we have it on (1+0) configuration. Could you explain that?

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Hi Marcelo,

The OMT combines the two cores on alternate polarizations (H,V) that is when you are planning with both the polarization H &V (Cross Polarization). Where in the Splitter is used when planning for the Co-Polarization.
DC REMOTE MOUNT KIT is used when you are planning for the remote installation that is Radio and the Antenna are placed in different place and Wave Guide is used to connect between them.

I hope you have selected the option ‘’Remote Mount’’ in the linkplanner that is the reason you are getting DC Remote Mount in the BOM.

When you select the PTP820C, you have 2 cores in it. You can plan 1+0 as well as 2+0. By default the Linkplanner detecting the Radio as 2 cores so it is suggesting the OMT Kit.
If you want to use the 1+0 then we have to make sure the other core is not in use on the radio.


Sanjay Kumar

Thank you Sanjay!

So, in the Link Planner it suggested to use OMT but it is optional, right? As we will use (1+0) single pol. configuration, can we delete N060082L137 and N060082L147 (using Andrew antenna)?

Why in the Installation Manual we don't find DC Remote Kit on the (1+0) configuration?


For PTP820C remote mount installatoin, it has no difference between 1+0 or 2+0. Also if you are plannning for remote mount, there is no need for OMT kit as the radio will be connected to antenna through waveguide.

Here is what the installation will looks like.

Figure 1: PTP820C 1+0 or 2+0 DP remote mount setup:


Figure 2: PTP820C 1+0 or 2+0 SP setup


What you need is a remote mount kit for PTP820C. And if you are running 6-13 GHz, you will need an adaptor to convert radio antenna interface from propiertory to standard flange type.

For DP setup, you will need:


N060082L002APTP 820C 6G  Remote Mount adaptor - UDR70

N070082L001APTP 820C 7-8G Remote Mount adaptor - UBR84

N110082L001APTP 820C 10-11G Remote Mount adaptor - UBR100

N130082L001APTP 820C 13G  Remote Mount adaptor - UBR120

For SP setup, you will need:


N060082L003APTP 820 RFU-C ADPT 6GHz Remote Mount Adpator - UDR70

N070082L002APTP 820 RFU-C ADPT 7_8GHz Remote Mount Adaptor - UBR84

N110082L002APTP 820 RFU-C ADPT 10_11GHz Remote Mount Adaptor - UBR100

N130082L002APTP 820 RFU-C ADPT 13GHz Remote Mount Adaptor - UBR120

and the splitter for PTP820C.