PTP820C 80MHz radio mapping to FCC channel plan

for PTP820C, we offers follwoing variation:


folowing table provide a guidance for FCC 11 Ghz channe plan mapping:

hope this helps when you plan your inventory and spare plan.



a correction for 11 GHz 80MHz channel.

11Ghz (80Mhz) Channel Plan FCC Part 101.147
      PTP820C 11WGHz Radio Options
Channel Tx Low (MHz) Tx High (MHz) 1w6 2w7 3w8 4w9 5w10 6w12 7w13
1 10745 10235 x            
2 10825 10315 x x x        
3 10905 10395 x x x x x    
4 10985 10475     x x x x x
5 11065 10555         x x x
6 11145 10635           x x
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in brief, just using Ch1W6 and Ch7W13, you will have full FCC 11GHz band overed wither for 40 or 80 Mhz channels in a 1+0 or 2+0 XPIC configuraitons.