PTP820S 2+0 LAG Configuration & Radio Management

Hi All,

We are configuring PTP820S 2+0 radios and are having issues with accessing the radios for management purposes .

Configuration Steps:

1. Configure 4 x PTP820S as a standard 1+0 radio pairs, with in-band management.

2. Configure LAG on external Ethernet switches

With this setup we found we could not access the the management IPs of all the radios (only 1 set of radios was accessible). From a networking perspective I don’t really see how you could access all Management IPs as they are inside a LAG that will use some form of algorithm to allocate traffic to each link.

Given the issues we are having we External LAG we are also considering using internal LAG, but looking at the setup I expect we'll have the same issue.


1. With Internal or External LAG is it possible to have management access to all radios? Do we need to use OOB management to achieve this?

2. Are third party SFPs supported on Cambium radios? (in the event we use internal LAG we'll need to source some SFPs)

3. Is Internal LAG preferred? Consider the scenario with External LAG and one radio fails, the remote end's switch will still have 2 x active LAG ports, leading to the loss of traffic one of the links.



Dave K

Hi, Dave, Did you contact our support?

Ha! I should have let everyone know. Dave sent me a private message through the forum and I think we've resolved his issues.

I've also updated the presentation that he references.

BOTTOM LINE: Don't use in-band management when you're using LAG. If you try this, you won't be able to manage the boxes "inside" the LAG.