PTP820S 24GHz Unlicensed TX Power

Hi all, 

Does anyone know if the PTP820S 24GHz ODU can put out more than -23dBm output power??

The linkPlanner installation file is telling me to set it to 0 dBm, but the user interface doesn't allow me to do so. 

yes, we can.

Assuming you mean FCC 24 GHz, please see attached FCC/IC 24 GHz datasheet.

We are using 24GHz Unlicensed... ODU part number C240082B003A, which are not listed on the datasheet. 

Do have a data sheet for the Unlicesed 24Ghz ODUs?

I been trying to chase this down for a couple of days, but haven't been able to find a clear answer. 


Hi Jose,

Here is the data sheet for the C240082B003A.

Apologies that this isn't available through our website at the moment.