PTP820S Firmware upgrade

Hello, I have a PtP820s point to point system that's been running fine for around 2 years now and I just realized that I've never updated the firmware on either of the radios.

Currently, they are both running 7.9 which seems very old to me since the newest version is 9 now.

Would anyone recommend that I update them?

I'm just asking because I haven't had a single problem with them since they were put into production.

Also, if I were to upgrade can I go directly to version 9 or do I have to upgrade to each version before that and make my way to the newest?




If you decide to upgrade, read the release notes.

The release notes will tell you whether or not you can go directly from your running release to the current release.

In your case, here's what the 9.0 release notes say under Version Upgrade Compatibility:

In general, the following rules apply:
 Software versions can be upgraded directly to versions that are within two versions of the current version. In some cases, direct upgrade is supported between a larger number of versions. For upgrade compatibility between specific versions, consult the compatibility matrixes in the following sections.
 Software versions 7.9 and higher can be upgraded directly to versions 8.5.5 and higher, subject to the following limitations:
o When upgrading from a version lower than (but not including) version 8.3, if Automatic State Propagation (ASP) is configured delete the ASP pair before performing the upgrade, then reconfigure it after the upgrade has been completed.
o When performing any upgrade from a unit on which Frame Cut-Through and/or Header De-duplication are enabled, Frame Cut-Through and/or Header De-duplication must be re-enabled after the upgrade (CQ#150282).

You should consult the release notes for other warnings. For example, in your case (7.9 to 9.0), if you upgrade the far end first, it won't be able to talk to the near end until the near end is upgraded.

The release notes will also tell you about new features that you may (or may not) want to use.

You may just decide to leave it alone!

I hope this helps!


A short answer:

Versions 7.9 and higher can be upgraded directly to version 9.0