PTP820S power supply lights.

I have a PTP 820 that is down.  The power supply light for the POE shows green when first powered up and then goes to red.  Where can I find a description of the function of this light. It is the N000082L022 Supply.

The poe lights on the white casing cycle from green to red to off when I power up. I'm hoping I have a power supply issue and not something on the tower.


Hello, all PTP820 information is spread out in the technical descriptions, installation guides and user guides.  The information you need is in the User Guide (page 787 of the v10.0 guide).  Most likely it is a power supply issue (or DC input into power supply).  A support case will diagnose further.

PoE Injector LEDs
     • PWR1 (Bi-color LED)
          o Green – Power available on PWR1 DC input
          o Off – No power is available on PWR1 DC input.
     • PWR2 (Bi-color LED)
          o Green – Power available on PWR2 DC input,
          o Off – No power is available on PWR2 DC input.
     • PoE (Tri -color LED)
          o Orange – No load is detected
          o Green – Providing in-line power
          o Blinking Red – Invalid/over-load
          o Off – no power to the injector unit.

Thank you

Also, the N000082L022 isn't 100% necessary if using the PTP820S.  The PTP820S has a few options for Power Injector, depending on where it will be installed.  A less expensive, indoor solution is the:

N000065L001C  AC Power Injector 56V 
N000065L003A  US Line Cord Fig 8 

Some additional information here: