can i use the PTP650 PoE Injector for PTP820 radio?

Here is a summary of what can be used and what can't.

There are two types of PoE injector used by PTP650.

1. pic N000065L001 - PTP 650 AC Power Injectordownload (1).png(PTP820S Only)

2. 2.jpgC000065L002 - PTP 650 AC+DC Enhanced Power Injectordownload (2).png

Only "N000065L001 - PTP 650 AC Power Injector" Can be used for PTP820S radio. The " C000065L002 - PTP 650 AC+DC Enhanced Power Injector" is NOT good for PTP820 radio use.

When deploy the "N000065L001 - PTP 650 AC Power Injector" with PTP820S, customer shall deployed with Surge protection unit together. here is how the deployment will looks like:

Following are the P/N you may need:

P/N Description Qty  MSRP 
C000000L033A Gigabit Surge Suppressor (56V) 1  $          35.00
N000065L001B PTP 650 AC Power Injector 1  $          80.00
N000065L003A US Line Cord Fig 8 1  $          20.00
N000065L004A UK Line Cord Fig 8 1  $          20.00
N000065L005A EU Line Cord Fig 8 1  $          20.00



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This supply is only good in climate controlled settings.  What do we do if we are in an area outside of the temp specs?

The PTP 820 PoE Injector all outdoor, redundant DC input, +24VDC support [N000082L022] is rated from -33° C to +55°C.

You might consider this.

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If you require AC power you'll need to purchase the PTP800 AC Adapter and Line cord and change the leads...FYI

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Of course, you can use the PTP 800 power supply or the PTP 810 power supply, but please note that these power supplies don't provide Power over Ethernet (PoE).

(If you're using the PTP 800 or PTP 810 power supplies  for PTP 820S or PTP 820C, you'll need to run a separate DC power feed up the tower.)

You might consider the following factors when choosing a power supply:

  • all indoor versus all outdoor
  • separate DC feed versus PoE
  • power requirements (Watts)
  • rack mount capability
  • fusing capabilities
  • level of redundancy
  • alarming capabilities
  • supply dimensions
  • fan or fan-less design
  • GigE versus Fast Ethernet capability
  • environmental considerations (temperature range)
  • display readouts (voltage, current, power, etc.)
  • etc.

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My previous post seems to indicate that one cannot use the PTP 800 or PTP 810 power supply with the PTP 820 PoE injector. This is not the case!

One can certainly use the PTP 800 or PTP 810 power supply to provide power to a PTP 820S or PTP 820C with the PTP 820 PoE injector.


i am confused as to why I could not use C000065L002C with the PTP820S radios.  These would seem to use the same power supply as the PTP650 and appear to operate on these power supplies.  We only use -48 to -54VDC on our internal systems. 

Why can't one use a PTP 650 AC+DC Enhanced Power Injector to power a PTP 820S?

From the PTP 650 Series User Guide, System Release 650-01-43, page 92:

"The PSU ODU ports are designed to connect only to PTP 650 ODUs, PTP-SYNC units,
"NIDUs or LPUs. Do not connect any other equipment, as damage may occur.
"Do not connect the PIDU Plus PTP 300/500/600 Series to the PTP 650 ODU or LPU."

I hope this helps!


Sorry if I was not clear.  This involves POE for 820S not PTP650