PTP820s stopped passing IP traffic

I had a hop this weekend that stopped passing IP traffic.  You could not ping from one end to the other, but the radios were communicating just fine.  Both ends wer showing RSSI of -40 and MSE of -40 ish.  Neither end was showing any errors in the log until I disconnected the Cat5 from the POE LAN port to plug in my laptop.  I was able to reboot the remote end via the Remote Radio parameters screen (reset remote radio).  I also rebooted the local end and they came right back up.  Not sure what to look for to try to determine what caused the outage.  Any ideas what might have caused this?

Have you saved the system info files from each end of the link and contacted customer support?

US – Toll Free: +1-888-863-5250

I hope this helps!



I have not yet done that.  I just got called out on Saturday to look at it and a reboot brought it right back up, so I wasn't sure what to even look at to see what might have caused it.  I can try to go out and pull the files from both ends and send them to support so maybe they can see if I am missing something.  It will be a couple of days though.  I just thought that maybe if someone else had seen this they might have a suggestion for what to check.

Thanks for the quick response.