PTP820s x 8 for two hops!

Finished a new installation of Dual PTP820s' over two hops to feed another core part of our network with some more bandwidth.


now that's a thing of beauty!

how much bandwidth are you pushing?


We are in the process of finalizing the routing on this part of the network, so it isn't live just yet.  When it does go live, it will be a 1.1gb link, and it's feeding the middle of an existing loop of PMP320 sites, connected with PTP800's, and will be getting PMP450 added to the area in the near future.


Looks great Ben! Any advice or tips for folks deploying PTP 820 for the first time?

Thanks Ray,

My two biggest tips for someone deploying 820s bachhauls for the first time are;

Number 1 - GROUNDING, GROUNDING, GROUNDING!  Always ground your radios, always.  See attached for our standard method of grounding AP's or Backhauls.

Number 2 - Work with Cambium Support on configuration.  I would also advise Cambium to have a 'Quick Start' Guide to the 820s, if they don't have it out already.  At the time of our first deployment, I didn't have a 'Quick Start Guide', until I was able to get that through Cambium Support, and it helped us out tremendously.  It at least get's the radios talking, and you can modify your config. from there.


Thank you for your input!

These links look great!