Good morning just a quick question about the PTP820S

Currently we have bee approved to use the  licensed 18Ghz range for three PTP links.

When ordering the PTP820S do we need to buy the PTP820's in 3 sets (ie Hi and Low frequency)? or

can we just by 6 individual PTP820's

Hello and welcome!  For licensed frequencies it is going to be very important to get a part number that works within the specific frequency range and sub-band you were assigned. 18GHz doesn't actually have sub-bands so the part number restriction is not as important, but in general the part numbers are very important for licensed gear.

Since licensed frequencies are full duplex, you will end up with two frequency pairs (Hi/Lo).  One radio will end up transmitting on the high frequency pair (receiving on the Lo) and the other radio will transmit on the Lo (and receive on the high.  Your FCC coordination will dictate which side is which.

The other consideration is the channel size being used.  A 'Narrow' PTP820 SKU will support up to 60MHz wide channels (even though LINKPlanner shows 80MHz, it is actually a 60MHz wide channel).  A 'Wide' PTP820 SKU will support up to 80MHz wide channels.  You want to ensure that you have the correct SKU for the channel assignment.  This will also affect the PTP820 configuration.

I would highly recommend our free LINKPlanner application to help with the BOM creation, performance estimation and installation/configuration assistance.  Once you have your frequency coordination, make sure you enter the frequency assignments into the tool and the appropriate part number will be reflected in the BOM.

LINKPlanner Overview

Also, our partners, distributors and RTM's are available to help get the right configuration for your coordination.  There are other factors such as power, management, cabling (Copper vs. Optical) and license boosting techniques that you may want to take advantage of.

In short, don't just by 6 PTP820's.  You may get lucky and have it work since 18GHz has much fewer part numbers, but the best course of action is to use LINKPlanner and confirm with partner/distributor resources prior to purchase.

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