PTP850c DC power cable

The documentation calls out 2x14AWG cable for up to 328 feet and 9AWG for >328 feet. But it only lists Cambium P/N for 2x18AWG cable. Which is it?

A BOM from Linkplanner has two part numbers, N000082L019 (18 AWG) and N000082L169 (14 AWG).

I seem to remember a rule of thumb that 2 wires in parallel is equivalent to dropping 3 gauges, so 18 AWG would be equivalent to 4 x 24AWG which is what you get with POE on all 4 pairs of Cat5 cable.

So would 14 AWG even fit through the gland and in the connector?

And is the official Cambium cable something special, or pretty much the same as if we order tray cable from our regular wire vendor? Which for only 2 wires would be oval shaped, and the wires inside would have the same number of strands as regular electrical wire. As opposed to the special very expensive Lapp cable specified for the 3 GHz 450m which has more strands similar to SO cable to be more flexible. Well, the Lapp cable is also shielded, but apparently Cambium doesn’t feel the PTP850 needs a shielded power cable.