PTP850E PoE Injector Keeps Failing


We installed three hops of PTP850E for a customer back in late 2020. They use a PoE injector with Cat5E running to the management port to power the radios and a 10G SFP for their payload.

At least once a year since we installed the equipment, they have a PoE injector go bad. Sounds like it is the same one each time or at least at the same site.

The injector is there just to power the radio and is not connected to the network. It is plugged into an APC UPS (The same APC UPS that their network switch is connected to and it has not had any issues).

Just curious if anyone else has seen this happen and, if so, was there a fix ? I think it is power related, but, it is strange that it is plugged into a UPS that has other unaffected equipment connected to it as well.