Pushing Templates to cnPilots v1.3.0

With the most recent version, profiles have taken the place of templates particularly for cnPilot routers. This is a great change but I would strongly advocate keeping the option to push templates as well to the routers. As far as I can tell, there is no way to bypass setting WAN and WLAN settings in profiles. If I am missing something, please let me know.

Here is my problem. I want to be able to make very simple changes to multiple routers at once that are already deployed. Syncing a profile would be great except that the WAN and Wireless settings would get overwritten by what is in the profile. This is very bad as most routers have PPPoE credentials in them specific to the customer as well as unique Wireless SSIDs and passwords. There is no way I am going to create a profile for 100s of different customers.

I am aware of the "User-defined Overrides" field. This does not solve my problem.

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Did you ever figure a way around this problem? I have been tearing my hair out trying to manage routers without screwing up all of my customers custom SSIDs. Can't belive cambium has made it this incredibly difficult to do a simple freaking task.

Gradmin, are you able to accomplish this using User-defined Overrides?  That should be possible if you are just making the SSIDs unique per-device.

David, was the problem with using User-defined Overrides for your use-case because of having to set passwords?


Jordan, we have 100s of deployed routers with many different WAN and SSID/password configurations. There is no way I can go through each one and specify overrides.

All I want to be able to do is push a template like you could previously in cnMaestro so that I can only change a couple of config values.

User defined overrides would have worked. 

You create a profile with all the settings you need. 

One of those is default wfi ssid, default wpa key, default pppoe username, default pppoe password. 

When you deploy a device, only those fields are changed. Everything else stays the default such as lan ip address, port forwards or whatever else you want to set. 

Now for example if you need to change the profile, you make an override and push it out, except because each device only has a few custom fields everything else will use your default overrides. 

Eg if the override "port forward 1" has not been custom set on the particular device, it will just use the default. So we can deploy some new ATAs and push out the port forwards automatically without having to re setup the custom fields of each device just by changing the profile to have a new defaut port forward in the custom overrides section. 

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