QoE - Traffic Rate by VLAN in multi-tenant building

my client has a multi-tenant office building with Cambium APs, and switches.
We are using Cusna.io to let each Tenant/Company get their own ePSK (without RADIUS) thanks to the integration with their PMS, and assign each one of them to a different VLAN.
We are looking for a way to assign different Traffic Plans (DL/UP bandwidth) to the Tenants. For example one tenant might buy a 50Mbps and another one 100Mbps. The data rate cap must apply to all clients and devices belonging to the tenant (which traffic is all tagged with the same VLAN).

I haven’t found the capability to set VLAN-based data rate limits on the switches. So I was wondering if QoE could be the solution to this use case.
My understanding is that I can create a Profile that allows to apply the same policy to all the Subscribers in the same VLAN. However it look like the data rate would be applied to each “subscriber” individually and a subscriber is identified by IP address. In this case, if a Tenant has 15 devices, each one of them is considered a different subscriber (even if they all are in the same VLAN).
Is my understanding correct?

Can you suggest a solution to address this use case?

Hi Ivan,

Your understanding is correct. Currently, the rate enforcement is per subscriber IP.

We have a roadmap feature to enforce the rate plan at a hierarchical level.