QOS Best Practice Configuration guide

Hi All,

           I am looking for documentation around QOS best practice configurations accross the AP's - SM's - cnPilots/WAP's

mainly for voice but looking further to other time sensitive applications.  I had read several of the manuals but other than

outlining that if you "tick this box it will enable this feature" there isn't much more real world explanations like you see in

typical configuration guides ala Cisco ones.  



Have you checked out the Knowledge Base using the search function? I found this.

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Thanks Ray but that wasn't what I meant.  What you have linked to is very much the same as the manuals where it says

what you can do but not really how to do it.  Problem I am seeing is from the AP's to the SM's which is where most of the congestion occurs on the download.  The knowledgebase article is more focused from the SM out on the upstream.

Maybe I have been spoiled in the past with the cisco configuration guides that get down to a line by line example of configuration stepping through all the interfaces and or devices in the configuration chain.