QoS CIR not work

According to the scheme we transfer 1 file from PC1 to PC3 and 1 file from PC2 to PC3. When traffic is transmitted only from PC2 to PC3, the priority is 0, all ok, the speed is the same as in the Sustained Uplink Data Rate parameter. As soon as we begin to transmit traffic in parallel with PC1 to PC3, where priority is 7, the following happens:

From PC1 to PC3, traffic is transmitted at a rate as in the Hi Priority Uplink CIR parameter, but the PC2 traffic to PC3 is stopped, the rate becomes 0 kbps. It continues to go only when all traffic from PC1 to PC3 is finished.

Why traffic PC2 on PC3 stop?


Have you configured MIR on SM1?

If so, what is MIR set to.

Could you please post the screenshot of QoS page, of SM1.

What version of SW are you running?

Software Version 15.1,  the screenshot of QoS page:

Hi Madmax,

This is an issue. Thanks for pointing this out.

We will fix it in a future release.

Will keep you posted.

Best Regards,


Our fix it is issue?

This issue is fixed in 15.1.1.

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