QOS from SM side

QOS from AP side works nice. Iowever I want QOS based on packet size from SM side. Its possible ?

You can define MIR tiers on the AP, and then, on the SM, you can enable QoS and select the MIR you want for that radio.

Take a look at THIS article for more detail.

I don't want limiting bandwith - MIR. Only priotize 0-300bytes UDP/ICMP traffic like voip, games & more. From AP side its easy just  mark traffic on my second router-DSCP & enable QOS use LOW,HIGH,VOICE on my epmp AP.

BUT L3 firewall on SM/client side don't have basic option like packet SIZE & can't mark upload properly.

@2jarek wrote:

Only priotize... ...traffic like voip, games & more.

Hi.  I'm not sure I understand your question exactly - so my answer my not be on target either. :)  So on the SM side, there is a 'Traffic Priority' option in the Quality of Service configuration area.  Once turned on, that allos you to set VoIP Priority, etc on the SM side.  This isn't what you're looking for?

Yes  but client computer stations & don't change dscp - tos for games / skype traffic & SM just need basic Layer3 firewall function "packet size" in QOS.