QOS limits based on air time rather than bandwidth

As a hypothetical example, let's say we have two customers: one with 40 Mbps down capacity, and one with 20 Mbps down capacity.  With the current system, the latter customer uses twice as much of the AP's available air time if their QOS settings match.

It would be wonderful if there was a way to set QOS limits which scale with link capacity so that the customer is using the same amount of air time regardless of how efficient their link is.

This would prevent customers from consolidating the AP if their signal degrades or the noise level increases.  Essentially, it would cause weak signals to impact the customers with the weak signal rather than the entire AP.  It would also allow us to pick a single setting rather than having to hand set it according to the customer's capacity.

doing it QOS would be hard, but i would think their should be a way for cambium to do weighting, so that you can choose if u want it even based on usage, or if you want their airtime to take into account average quality, some people prefer to just offer best effort in the full sense of the word...

but i'm with you would be nice if you could opt into, penalizing those with bad signals, vs penalizing the entire sector because of a few bad signal users that just happen to watch videos for 5 hours straight.

One of the key differentiators of the ePMP solution is an air fairness based scheduler. The ePMP scheduling system allocates equal air time to all subscribers regardless of signal conditions. Therefore, a subscriber at very poor MCS gets the same air time as the subscriber in Mimo-B conditions. This means the subscriber in poor RF conditions do not cause air time to be sucked from the better subscribers. 

This is applicable with QOS as well.

I'm thinking of overall capacity as well as AP capacity.  The ability to change the caps based on time could reduce BH and back end saturation as well.

BH and backend would work in a similar manor by how TCP handles its flow,  if you request 200 meg from 300 connections from a 100 meg port, TCP traffic controls end up causing a near even devide on its own, latency builds of course but no matter how you hand your over flow, an over loaded link, is an over loaded link. time to upgrade to keep customers happy.