QOS Plan Help Needed

I am trying to find a good QOS speed plan so that netflix or other streaming doesnt use the whole 6 mbs I am trying to provide. Can anyone share a plan with me? The way I have mine currently set I think my burst speeds are too high and netflix wants  to connect at full hd and thats what I dont want. I have uses say that when they are streaming netflix they can barely browse with 2 phones or facebook. 


That's going to be a tough one, and you're not going to be able to accomplish what you want to do using just QoS settings on Cambium radios.

There are a few things that can be done:

1. Simply ask the client to go into their Netflix settings and change/downgrade the video quality.

2. Sell to the customer or have them buy a router that supports QoS and help them configure it OR buy a router that supports 'StreamBoost' technology and most of the work will be done for you.

3. Use some specialized equipment on your network that does QoS/DPI, like SandVine, or Procera and use them to help shape video traffic and allow your customers to browse the web as well. This is the most complex/expensive solution, but it's amazing when it's implimented correctly (this is what we use).

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Netflix will use the entire pipe, Quality will increase and max out at 1080p or 4k which is coming out soon. We found setting the quality for the customers on there netflix has helped out alot. We are watching there usage with maestro, and are trying to push the cnpilot home routers out more to help balance the load.

Anyone familiar with PFsense rules at all? 

PFsense is a router/firewall platform... I don't belive it will do the DPI/QoS that you're looking for... maybe someone can chime in that has more experience with the product. If you want to do this on the cheap or 'roll your own' you can do some clever QoS stuff with Mikrotik/RouterOS.

pfSense is amazing.  I can do a lot with it, but not QoS/packet shaping (just because I have never tried).  But it will definitely do it.  You would be best off to head to the pfSense forums.  Tons of info and help there.

How does cnpilot help with this issue. Doe sit have QOS to auto throttle netflix bandwidth to a lower quality

Check out what I posted in this thread:


That's what we currently run, no complaints.