QoS Setting in PTP 670


I have an issue for setting the QoS configuration on PTP 670. Everytime i changed any option such as : Data Priorty Scheme or any changed in Queue for DSCP mapping then the web browser is stuck and always end up with the connection lost to NE and after try to back the browser to initial IP then it is connected again but there is no changes in the QoS configuration.
Is there anyone that have similar case such i do ? Or is there any clue to change this QoS configuration ?

One more thing, how the Q1-Q7 scheduling running in PTP 670 ? is it running with water fall scheme or there are any Strict Priority and WRR/WFQ scheme ?

Thank you in advance

Hello Ryan,

In the PTP topology, PTP 670 provides eight queues for traffic waiting for transmission over the wireless link. Q0 is the lowest priority queue and Q7 is the highest priority queue. Traffic is scheduled using strict priority.

Could you please create a support ticket to investigate the problem you are facing with the QoS configuration? Please include the field diagnostics file from the radio which can be generated using http://<ip_address>/field_diags.cgi.



Hi Ram,

Thank you for your prompt response and your guidance. I have already created the support ticket as you recommend and also attached the field diagnostic file from the NE.