qos with burst for epmp

would be nice to have  qos the same as the old canopy unit with burst max for down load 

richard k

+1 from me on this.  I'd love to see a burst with Fallback %, or an X Bytes before falling back likethe old Canopy.

This functionality can be supplied by your router.

Mike - by which router? Do you mean by the customer's router, or by the router that the AP is connected to?

In my opinion, I'd suggest that the SM's bandwidth control flexibility is improved.  I'd like to have the ability to offer a 5 mbit plan, that falls back to 3 mbit after a certain time period of sustained throughput,  or after a certain MB or GB of sustained data quota. Or a 3 mbit plan that 'bursts' to 5 mbit for 60 seconds.

Tower router, AKA Mikrotik.


the bursting has to be scheduled and driven by the AP is it knows the radio characteristics at any point. Any router at the tower is not aware of RF parameters on the AP. This is how it is done on professional PMP equipment eg. wimax 802.16d.

Also an SM may flood the uplink if the AP is not managing its bandwidth.

So.. shaping the radio outside the radio is not good...



I like this feature! I want it :D

+1 from me on this as well. We should have this feature just like we do on the PMP450 and PMP100 SMs.

I think it's an excellent thought.



+1 for sure!  This is an excellent idea.  I was surprised it wasn't already supported.  The radios are great, but this is really an almost expected capability these days.

FWIW, I agree with roanwifi, in a wireless situation traffic shaping is best done as close to the customer end of the wireless link as possible for the reasons he mentioned.  Also, offloading this onto the SM frees up CPU cycles on the upstream router.

YIKES - I just noticed this now.  "Not in Develpment Plan"   :(