Question about customers using cnPilot r190, r200 on the Maestro

Hey everyone,

We currently have a bunch of customers that we have installed PMP or ePMP and that use cnPilots for their WiFi but we never used the remote management parts of the Maestro to manage them.

What are the recommended steps for a customer using a residential router (r190, r200, etc)? It seems like they need their own AP Group and WLAN, so that their cnPilot can be managed remotely though our Maestro.

This is fine if this is the case, but before I made all these WLANs and AP Groups, I wanted to check and see if that is what everyone is doing, or if there is an easier way.


Welcome to the Cambium community. My recommendation is to create a single AP Group for all residential routers configured the same. If all your residential routers have the same configuration, then you only need one AP Group. If there is a configuration parameter that must be different for a specific customer, then you can do an exception on that one router. Another way to manager is to create an AP Group for each different model type. Creating a different WLAN or group of WLANs for each router is a lot of work for nothing, in my opinion.

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This is what I thought as well. But, what do you do if you have a customer that wants a specific name or password? I know on the enterprise wifi like the e600 there are options to change the wifi name and password, but my override options on my test router (r190 and r200) only show admin password, channel, and radio options.

Is there a way to change a specific person that’s using a r190 or r200?

Hi ,
Please check below link . If you still have issue let me know .



Ohh okay, I see now. You have to add those lines to the “User-defined Overrides” Section in order for those boxes to appear. I didn’t know that before, thank you Nilesh!


We just got rid of AP groups altogether finally. Too much PITA
Using templates you can achieve the ESSID/key management in a very clean fashion