Question about HW Scheduling...

Hello all!

With hw sched. turned on “in theory” an AP can register about 100 SMs instead of the 200 SMs with SW Sched. I’m just curious…how many SMs have you all been able to register to a single AP with and without HW Scheduling?

Since version 8 forces HWS, I’m not sure if it’s really worth upgrading. I understand that there are benefits to HWS but is it worth the cost of 100 less SMs.

I’d appreciate any input you all can give me :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance!

I also apologize if this is a repeat post.

we have 108 registered on H/W scheduling…

I am not aware of any restrictions on that…

Even if there is restriction, once you go about 80-90 the performance starts to drop and hence it would not be a problem.

I am in the process of putting up a second pop and repointing some of the users to the new pop.

With hardware scheduling you can have the same number of users as with software scheduling.

When you enable the high priority channel you reduce the number of users you can have. If you enable high priority on 100 SM’s then you are using 200 virtual channels/circuits, one for high and one for low priority. There are approximatly 200 virtual circuits availabe for the AP. This is for both hardware and software scheduling.

The reduced latency is well worth the migration to HW… especially as VOIP is either one of your products or rides upon your network.