Question about NSE3000 roadmap


We are currently testing out the NSE appliance, pretty great so far. I was just curious if there were a couple features on the roadmap?

-Local high-availability/ VRRP
We are planning out a potential project that would require WAN connections on opposite sides of a large parcel of land. Currently our plan is to place an NSE at both sides with a set of MikroTiks behind to control VRRP for the LAN. Two less boxes would be way cool.

-SD-WAN Orchestrator
From what I have seen from most SD-WAN vendors, they will usually have either a virtual appliance or a cloud platform that physical appliances will tunnel back to on multiple WAN links. Looking over the Datasheet on the NSE, it looks like the SD-wan features are currently focused on optimizing/load balancing between two WAN links. I see that site-to-site VPNs are listed for Q2, I was curious if there were plans to use cnMaestro as an orchestrator/gateway for the NSE’s to tunnel back to?

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback on HA - we are evaluating HA / VRRP as a future upgrade. No date on that yet though.

When the site-site VPN feature is released, you will be able to set up tunnels through cnMaestro, so it will effectively be the management orchestrator for the tunnels, providing the ability to configure the tunnels as well as visibility into status and stats. As far as the actual datapath is concerned, you will need physical NSE appliances to terminate the tunnel at either end so you could have a hub and spoke or point-point deployment at the sites where these appliances are available. So if your question is whether we will terminate the tunnels in the cloud - no immediate plans for that.



I would be really nice if we could get a Cloud Applicance for AWS and Azure; equivalent to Cisco Meraki vMX

Does the NSE 3000 support failover via cell. ie. USB card.

Not currently but it is on our near-term roadmap. We are gathering data on what LTE / 5G USB dongles our customers use so if you have any in mind please do share the model numbers.