Question about Stadium Design

Hi Guys, this is just a small question, regarding one of the cnPilot Exam questions

In the exam question, they ask, which AP would you use for Stadium Designs and the answer is the E502S AP

And that got me thinking why was this the answer instead of the E501S?

I mean is common knowledge that direction APs are better for Stadium designs, however... The E502S AP is just so... directional!! because it's beamwidth is of 30° degrees whereas the E501S is 90° to 120° degrees.

Is the E501S beamwidth to open for Stadiums? , because if so I would really like to know what's the best practice.

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I imagine the thinking is client density you want more smaller beam width sectors.

Like anything the real world comes into play and a client may not be ok with paying for 12 502s to cover 360 degrees and you need to compromise with 501 or e500.


the question shall have been framed more like this,

"For stadium deployment, do you prefer sector antenna APs over ominidirectional antenna APs?", the answers could have been like this sector antennas over ominidirectional. in that case answering e502s and e501s is correct. 

using e502s we can cover / create more small number of areas over using e501s. generally stadium / high density deployment calls for 

1. smaller coverage area 

2. more number of smaller coverage ares 

this in order to accomodate 

1. more users per ap 

2. effective same channel usage without creating channel overlapping issue 

ultimatley it depends on user experince based on the area we need cover / number of users we need accoumodate 

Stadium deployment using combindation of directional (e502s / e501s and onmni antennas aps e500 / e410 / e600) 

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