Quick Question

I'm pretty new at Cambium and have been deploying/integrating new SM's to cnMaestro. I've noticed that on the inventory system when I put the SM in NAT mode it reports the Ethernet IP instead of the WLAN IP. Shouldn't this be the other way around? My AP however since it's in Bridged mode it shows the proper IP address. I hope someone can clarify this a little bit.

Agreed.  If the SM is in NAT mode, you need to see the Wireless IP address in cnMaestro.  We will change this.

Thank you.


Any idea when this change will happen?  Do we need to do anything on our end or will cnMaestro querry the equipment for the right equipment and update itself?

I don't have a commit date right now but hopefully in the next 6 weeks.  You shouldn't have to do anything on your end.  The devices already have this information in NAT mode.