Quick Start 900 MHz Canopy guide ?

I got a 9000APC and a 9000SMC yesterday.

Is there a quick start guide to get them up and running quick, as opposed to the veeery long 425 page User Guide.

Or maybe this thing is so complicated, a quick install guide wouldn’t work…LOL.

There’s an 8-page, quad-fold card that comes with the 1-AP, 2-SM starter kits, but the only useful info it contains is the factory default IP address: This card apparently isn’t available for download in the Canopy Library.

If you’re already familiar with IP addressing, you’ll have no problem gaining access to the units’ web pages via their Ethernet ports. On the left you’ll find the IP Configuration option to change the default addresses. Change the LAN1 address, mask, and gateway; ignore the LAN2 address on the AP for now. The Canopy units are self-learning Ethernet bridges – like an Ethernet switch – so the Canopy IP addresses won’t affect end-to-end connectivity; they only affect management access.

NOTE: Enabling NAT in the SM makes it a router.

All you need to do to get the SM to connect to the AP is to set a frequency in the AP’s Configuration page, and make sure the SM has at least that frequency selected in its Configuration page Scan List.

When you’re ready to try them outdoors, the Spectrum Analyzer, found under the Expanded Stats option, can be used on a building or in a vehicle to learn about your local RF environment. The AP’s Spectrum Analyzer is only available after first switching the AP to SM-mode on the Configuration page. The page refreshes when you click the Enable button. Green is the current signal strength, yellow is the peak, and red is bad news.

NOTE: Only run the Spectrum Analyzer from a PC connected to the Canopy’s Ethernet port. You can start it remotely, but you can’t see the results. The SM can’t connect to the AP if the SM’s Spectrum Analyzer is enabled, or the AP is in SM-mode.

Typically, the Spectrum Analyzer will show spikes at the high and low ends from cellular and paging transmitters, respectively. It’s the stuff in between you’ll have to work around.

Have fun! And get started reading those 425 pages.

Hello Teknix:

Thank you so much. I relly appreciate your input. I have been printing the 425 page User Guide out for about the last 2 hours. I’m almost done.

I feel better having a book in front of me, as opposed to reading something this long on line. I can take notes and underline, etc. when I have it printed out. Plus the computer screen can’t keep up with the speed I scan and read this…LOL.

That Guide is kind of intimidating…LOL. I wasn’t quite sure where to start other then sitting down for the next few days to start reading from page 1, before I start to configure the 9000SMC and 9000APC…LOL.

I hear that the AP and SM are supposed to be easy to set up. But then I saw how long the Guide is. That scared me.

I’m really excited about testing these two units around my neighborhood. 2.4 G was no good due to all the trees. If 900 MHz works, I’ll get a business class DSL line and start selling WISP services. If I get a lot of people, then I’ll probably get a T1.

After I saw the length of the Guide, I thought that I may never get to where I can test them, since the Guide looks so intimidating.

What you typed here, gives me more hope. I feel better talking to someone who has actually done it.

Thanks much,