Quota Limiting Device/Software

Hi.  We are currently using older (non-Cambium) gear and we are evaluating moving to Cambium.  We have a few test deployments and we like what we see.

However, if we start providing clients with more and more speed, our internet connection will become more and more congested - unless we have beter methods of bandwidth shaping.  From a business-plan standpoint, we are leaning towards implementing quotas, and I'm looking to this Community for advice on how to do that. :)

When we look at our overall usage on any given month, about 5-6% of our users consume 33-42% of our data.  That of course means that the other 94-95% of our clients have to share the other 58-66% of the left over data.  That 94% of the user base are under 100 GB per month - most of them are way under 100 GB.  The 6% which is over 100 GB tend to also be WAY over - 300, 400, 500 GB per month.

On our older (non-Cambium) gear, the built in bandwidth shaping was a bit more flexible than Cambium has in the ePMP.  We could put a max speed, and a "fall-back" speed, so that the clients could get burst speeds of a certain amount, but could get a different speed on a longer sustained download or upload if we wanted.  It wasn't perfectly flexible enough to be a ''quota'' system, but it was OK.  On the ePMP we only have a ''rate'' and that's that - so we're looking for a Monthly (or weekly or whatever) quota solution.

So - I'm looking for technical solution suggestions for something that can allow "X GB per Y time period, and then slow to a different speed".  Something like "100 GB / month, and then limit to 1 Mbit per second past that".

Rather than me trial-and-erroring every device and program out there, I thought I'd ask here first.  :) I appreciate any suggestions anyone can make.  Thank you. :)

I use a Procera DPI box to shape, not cheap but very good: http://www.proceranetworks.com/products/pl7810

The PMP450 series supports some basic bursting and queue features. You could pitch similar features in the "Ideas" area of the forum for the ePMP line and see if you can get some traction from Cambium.

We do not use any bursting or quotas on our network, however, we do some very fancy/heavy duty traffic shaping via SandVine. This solution is not for the faint of heart however, it's very expensive, and requires some comprehensive scripting/programming skills... but now that we've been using it for over a year now, we don't know how we ever went without it. It's literally changed our business model.