R-200 Routers - Incorrect Default Configuration - IP -

What is the deal?

Some of the new R-200 routers that we have received are coming out of their factory boxes with a default IP address of - rather than

Of course, with the .169 octec, they are serving IP address with .169 in the LAN IP address.

Makes it impossible for a tech to get into a R-200 router, when he  are using a laptop with a static 192.168.11.xxx in it.

Someone across the pond is not watching what they are loading in the R-200 routers as default configurations and the warm body in quality control is not doing their job in catching the incorrect default configurations. 

We have seen multiple R-200 routers that are configurated incorrectly - out of the factory box. 

The following is a R-200 router with a incorrect default load. 

Product Name
cnPilot R200  
Internet(WAN) MAC Address
PC(LAN) MAC Address
Hardware Version
Loader Version
V3.30(Oct 28 2016 14:51:31) 
Firmware Version
Device-Agent Version
Serial Number


We shall get this checked and provide you an update.



Did your trace down this incorrect factory default load?


I did discuss this with the team, however there is not such instance reported so far.

One surprising thing I notice is that an out of the box device should be having firmware version 4.3.1-R1 and not 4.3.2-R4. This is what we program at the time of shipment.

A question does factory resetting the unit restore the default LAN IP ?



We upgrade the routers to the latest firmware.

Factory reseting the effected R-200 routers sends them back to the default address.

For your viewing pleasure - attached are 4 ScreenPrints of one of the R-200 routers that had the default IP address programmed incorrectly into the router at the factory in China.

I did a factory default of this router at the bottom of the page on the R-200 Administration Tab in this router and made you these pictures, so that you can see the incorrect factory default IP address of

You will notice that this Router's MAC address ends in D6:A9.  We had another R-200 that we programmed yesterday that also had a default IP address of  It's MAC address ended in D6:A1. 

In this particular batch of R-200 routers that we ordered and received, each router had the incorrect default IP address programmed in them. 

Using the two MAC addresses: you need to trace back to whomever programmed these routers and see how many other routers were sent to America in this batch. 

This uncalled for problem leaves a bad taste in our mouth.....

Hi Danny,

Is it possible to share with us few serialNo /MAC addresses for devices that have this issue.

We will try to find if a specific batch has some issue like this.



Yes I shall try to see if this MAC series has had some problem. 



I have given you two MAC addresses in the series. 

We have others which we had to put in service right after we got received them. 

It would take major digging to figure out where they are disployed and what their MAC address are.

Here is another R-200 router that was factory programmed with the incorrect default LAN IP address.

It also has as the default LAN address. 

Hi Danny,

thanks for sharing more info. I was able to get the manufacturing test results from the lot to which your previous MAC/unit belonged. There was no issue in the lot as a whole, however that particular unit was not part of the test sample.

Trying to root cause it further and will keep you posted.



Well, here we go again. 

Just change one word in the Subject Line above. 

Substitute R-190W for R200 and read the Subject Lline again. 

We recently received in our first batch of R190W routers.   The first two routers were OK.....  

Couldn't get into the third router with the correct dafault LAN IP address of

As with the R-200 routers that we have previously reported, the third R-190W router out of the box has a default IP address of 

Someone in authority at Cambium needs to go to China and find the software in the computer (or PLC) on the programming line that is stamping out the routers and loading the wrong default IP address in them.  

This is getting old!

Tomorrow, I will include two Screenprints of the "out of the box" R-190W router with the faulty default  IP address in it.

Attached are two Screenprints of the brand new R-190W Router with the incorrect default IP address of right after it was taken out of the box and hooked up. 

Once again, someone in authority at Cambium needs to check the plant in China to find out which production line is flashing the new routers with incorrect firmware.

We have already had this problem with the R-200 routers and don't want this problem to continue further with the new R-190W routers.

Out of a carboard box of six R190W routers.... here is the second R190W out the box with the incorrect default LAN IP address....

As with the others, this was before updating the firmware and programming.

Here is another R190W router with the incorrect default IP address of

Three out of the cardboard box of six. 

Again, the screenprints were taken before updating to the latest firmware and programming.of the router

See attached pictures........

For what it is worth, your formum software does not like pictures with .jpeg extensions.

Sending the pictures again of R-190W routers #2 and #3 with the incorrect factory default IP addresses.

Hi Danny,

We have been trying to dig this, however we did not fins any problem in the factory. No other customer has reported this problem (this is something very basic to access the unit). 

Are you getting the units from a distributor? Can you check if there is any kind of config provisioning being performed

before it comes to you.

Can you upgrade one of the bad R190 unit to 4.3.3-R4 and then factory reset /reboot it. And then share the LAN page

screen shot.



The R200's came from one distributor, the R190W's came from another distributor.

No configurations are being done by either distributor before we receive them.  

When we get new routers, the first thing that we do is to unbox one at a time and plug them in to a stand alone computer.  After each router boots up up, it assigns the computer a temporary IP address, which should be something in the 192.168.11.xxx Class C octet.  

The next thung is we type in the default IP address ( into a browser.  If we we can't get into router, we type in IP Config into a DOS prompt.  That is when we find that the router is serving IP Addresses in the 192.169.11.xxx range.  

Back to the browser.  Type in and we can get into the incorrectly factory programmed routers.  Each bad router shows the 192.169.11.xxx on the main screens.

Next is to manually upgrade the router with the latest firmware.  After upgrade to 4.3.3-R4, the incorrect default IP address of 192.169.11 1 is still present.  

When I get back in town late this week, I will factory default one of the defective routers and upload another Screenprint.

As far as no other reports coming in, I would imagine that others are igoring this problem, just as we did fir several months befire reporting it.  After seeing the incorrect default IP address in 6 or 8 R200 routers, I finally reported it.  

Someone at the China factory needs to go and look at the factory loads in the devices that are being used to program the default configuration in the routers. 

Hi Danny,

thanks for the detailed response.

in parallel we are also investigating to see where the problem is rooted. We are going to perform random checks

in the factory on the invetory to find out more.

For one the MAC addresses of faulty devices published we could see that it was successfully programmed in the warehouse. For that to succeed has to work. We typically flash the new firmware, factory reset the boards and ship them. So theoretically we did not find anything going wrong there.

Is it possible for you to provide us remote access to one of the faulty units sometime using TeamViewer or something. 




Just wanted to check if by any chance  the WAN DHCP pool in your setup overlaps /includes 192.168.11.X range.


If WAN DHCP is  something like 192.168.X.Y/16 then the device has this logic to switch to 192.169.11.X/24  on the LAN side. (see attached screenshot from my device)

When testing the units are you even connecting the WAN port or not ?