R-200 Routers - Loosing Configuration After Firemware Upgrades

We are continuing to have problems with R-200 Routers loosing their configuration after we perform firmware updates.

Had another one this week. 

Used cnMaestro to update the R-200 router's firmware from 4.23 to 4.32. 

cnMaestro showed everything was complete.   

Customer called next morning and said that they could no longer see their name when trying to log on from their wireless devices and said that the wireless name now said "Cambium".

Not good. 

As with the other R-200 routers that we have seen have this problem in the past, the upgrade blew out our configuration. 

Lost WAN static IP address, Wireless Network Name and all other configuration.

As with the others, had to send technician with a truck roll to reconfigure the router.

What is causing this problem?


Sad the hear about this issue. However there is no known issue around that space. I wish to understand the problem in greater detail.

So you mentioned the SSID on the R200 became "CAMBIUM" or was it "CAMBIUM_2.4GHz_XXYYZZ" ? where the XXYYZZ are the last pieces of the R200 wireless MAC (seen on the status page on the device GUI).

If the device is really factory reset, it should have been the latter. Please confirm.

Also I wish to understand that by chance a configuration was not pushed from the cnMaestro, knowingly or unknowingly. Can you please share with us the screen shots from the cnMaestro account, of the configuration "jobs" history.

If this happens then there is a chance of the device configuration being overridden with that on cnMaestro.

Any other detail that you can provide will be helpful to root cause the issue.



When the R-200 router(s) revert back to default configuration - the wireless ID says CAMBIUM_2.4GHz_XXYYZZ - just like it says when it comes from the factory.

We have been upgrading using the cnMaestro cloud, however we have been experiencing problems lately with cnMaestro "hanging up".  (See tread about this problem in the cnMaestro forum).

In the case of this latest R-200 having the default problem - cnMaestro never completed the update.

I manually went into the R-200 and upgraded it to the latest firmware.

After the upload and reboot.... POOF - the previous configuration in the router was gone and the router reverted to factory  default.

Required a truck roll 15 miles out of town to change out the router.

Not good.