R-200 Routers

Can we have a item added in the firmware of the Cambium routers that will cause the reset switch on the front of the units to be inoperative?

We run static IP's in all of the Cambium routers that we install at customer's locations.

If one of the customer's kids get a paperclip and push the reset button in - as you know, it causes the router to loose it configuration and IP address - which causes us to have a truck roll to reconfigure the router.

That option is already available.

You can find it under the 'Administration' -> 'Management' tab under 'Factory Defaults Setting'. Set 'Factory Defaults Lock' to Enabled.

Are you saying that after a router is programmed with static IP and our particular configuration, all we have to do is enable "Factory Default Lock" and it will disable the front panel switch?


You can enable the Factory Default Lock at any time, before or after setting the static IP. You can still log in to the GUI and change settings but the reset button will be disabled.

Of course, this also means you no longer have the option of using the reset button to recover access to the device if you forget the admin password or set a config that causes you to lose access to the device.