R-series a wave 2 and ax updates?

Looking for some good news. Other brands are making it very difficult to justify staying with R-series routers. cnMaestro visibility is great, but customers expect more and we’re not delivering.

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Bump. Any news re this would instill a little faith.

The ePMP 1000 range is based on wireless n tech, and IMO the reason it didn’t change for a long time was because it just wasn’t possible to get better modulation and throughput until AC Wave 2 chipsets were efficient enough. Thats understandable, however the small business and residential WiFi router market moves very quickly, and we can’t afford to be left behind.

@iBound, yes, we are working on a new Wi-Fi 6 Residential AP. Your last sentence hit the nail on the head:

in the WIFI 6 portfolio, there is a big increase in the quantity and quality of cnMaestro visibility for the home network. I think you will like it

so true. With work-from-home and increased streaming entertainment, the Wi-Fi networks are pushed to the limit of their coverage and capacity. the new products will include new MESH capability and automation to improve the MESH performance.

We talked with a lot of service providers before starting the home WIFI 6 development to understand what they need now and in the next 5 years. When we release the new solution we will be bringing unique capability in both hardware and software.

If you can reach out to me directly, I’ll set up a time to call and review the new product. I’d like to get your feedback. My Cambium email is: daran.hermans@cambiumnetworks.com

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We have been [disappointingly] pulling R-series routers regularly. We’re not looking for anything crazy, but we have customers regularly find issues with WiFi. I had another customer cancel today because their speeds were too slow… which turned out was actually a WiFi problem they never called about. We’ve found that a Calix 844e (released before the R-Series even came out) readily solves most customer WiFi problems. On top of that, TP-Link (I know, really?) has their ISP program with fantastic price and performance.

I look forward to a competitively priced R-Series router that offers competitive performance.