R15.1 QoS settings backwards

Prior to 15.1, the QoS page had uplink and then downlink fields. Now it's backwards.

I suggest putting it back for 15.1.1. We still have/use PMP100 which is uplink then downlink. Obviously that's not going to change since there are no more updates. And everyone here is very much used to it. So I can see radios getting configured with backwards QoS. One of the guys pointed it out to me today, and we've already found a dozen misconfigured SMs. I'm surprised those customers haven't complained.

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No, we'll probably not put it back because the order was inconsistent between the AP and the SM. One had Uplink first and the other had Downlink first. This change made it consistent between the two. Also, many customers did notice this and suggested that Downlink be placed first as it was intuitive. 



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This has caught me a couple times now...

A)  Who the hell changes the bandwidth at the AP side anyway?  Is that really a common thing?  I'd say techs are in and out of SM's to change that wayyyyyyy more often.

B)  You didn't change the low priority CIR settings around.   I just finished fixing a business sub that was backwards on that setting.  :|