R190 as range extender with ethernet uplink?

I have a customer with two R190W units (the second one set as a bridge configuration). Is it possible to have it run the same SSID/encryption as the primary and handle seamless handoff like the E series APs? If so what settings need to be enabled?

Hi Nicholas,

The first part is doable. You can configure the second R190W in repeater mode, and connect it to the first R190W in order to extend your network (in case you do not want to connecthe WAN link to the second R190W). You can choose to configure the SSID/PSK on the second R190W to be the same as the first R190W to allow to clients to connect to either AP as it moves in it coverage area.

However please note the R190W is a home gateway and does not have a full blown Roaming (802.11r) support like the Enterprise APs of Cambium. What I feel is unless you are looking at very time sensitive sub second roaming, this should work for you.





We do this for home users - same ssid and password. 

The client device will connect to whichever AP has the strongest signal but the roaming is done from the client end rather than the AP or controller. 

This means its a rather fast (5 seconds) disconnect / reconnect which is perfectly fine for home users. 

Some windows laptop wifi drivers allow you to configure how "sticky" a connection is. Eg. the connection must fall 30% below the new AP for more than 30 seconds before it will reconnect to the stronger AP. This is to stop it from jumping between them constantly if the client device is between two APs of equal signal strength. 

Other devices such as my samsung phone dont have this as a configurable option, but the default setting is still suitable. 

I am pretty new to this router configuration stuff, but I think I have the same question. I have an R200P at one end of a customers home. I wanted to add a new 190 router in their living room to extend the signal. The router in the living room would be connected to the main router via an ethernet outlet in that room ( we would not use wifi in this case). Can I still use that R190 as a range extender even though it is plugged into an ethernet jact that is connected on the other end to the R200P router? I would prefer to use the same SSID etc and create a mesh network. In advance, thank you for your input. 

>>>  Yes, You can configure r190 as range extender even it is connected  to LAN Ethernet  of another r200 device. 

Setup Diagram.



Step-1 :Configure main r200 in PPPoE/DHCP NAT mode.

Step-2: Configure the r-190 in bridge mode with same SSIDs and Password.

Step-3: Change the default  IP address of (LAN/bridge) interface  to avoid IP conflict with r200 and disable Local DHCP server in r190.

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In the example above, how do I keep the option working to connect to cnmaestro?

I set this up and the R190W fell off immediately.

I have been looking for how to write a new post.

I am a new user anyways.

Please, how I can enable routing mark in cnPilot R190 W.


I have followed these instructions using R201’s. Everything is fine and working for approx 24 hours then the whole system locks up. The culprit each time is the 2nd R201 that is running in bridge mode. A reboot of this unit will fix the issue but it will happen again over approx a day.
This has happened on two separate locations with different R201 - tried rolling back firmware from the most current and did not change.
Finally for one of the setups I replaced the bridge mode r201 with Asus in AP mode and all is good.
Anyone else have this issue?