R190 Onboarding By S/N

I just had a bunch of R190s come in and I was trying to scan them in to cnMaestro and  when i scanned the S/N in it would fail, but it accepts scanning the mac in as the S/N. Obiviously they won't onboard that way, so what do I need to do? 


Just to understand the issue correctly, are you saying that you are unable to scan the serial number using a scanner?

Or is it that device is not onboarding using the S/N which is scanned correctly (matches that on the device label).



Having the same issue.  Scanned or hand typed cnMaestro rejects the S/N for R190's.

Hi wdwello -- thanks for the additional details. So it seems the MSN can be scanned, but it isn't accepted for claiming. We will take a look.