R190 routers coming with blue ethernet cables?

Our process is when routers are onboarded, our workshop guy adds a 20cm blue ethernet cable to bridge the POE brick to the router WAN port. 

We leave the yellow cable in the box for the customer to plug into their TV or media device. 

I just opened one and noticed its come with a long blue cable instead of the normal long yellow cable. 

If so i will need to start bulk ordering the yellow cables too.

So my question, is this a permant change or a mistake at the factory?

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I believe this is the new standard. Have been receiving blue cables with all the routers in the last 2 months.

We switched from the yellow ethernet cable to blue. It is a permanent change, to make it intutive that it has to be used to connect the WAN port to the uplink device. The WAN ports being blue in color, hence the cables are also changed to blue now.