R190V / R190W Optimal WiFi Configuration?

I'm interested to know what WiFi settings others have found ideal for the R190. We are running firmware version 4.6-R16, and it seems we have consistently higher TCP latency and jitter through the R190 than our other customer routers. I'm hoping we can improve via configuration changes. My only real requirements are for a 20 MHz channel width, and WPA2 / AES security.

This is Our Current Setup

In this tab, I'm considering enabling Green Field deployment and A-MSDU:

I don't see any performance-based improvements here:

Some of our devices have short preamble disabled, I'm expecting to enable it for all of them. Otherwise, I'm not sure if there is any meaningful change that can be made here.

Please share if you have any suggestions for ensuring good performance. This is for customer routers, and I'm not picturing many (or any) G devices... but it looks like Sonos might still sell audio gear using G chipsets. I'm looking for changes since we regularly see higher latency and often limited throughput on the WiFi. We want to maximize the performance here to see how many customers we need to upgrade when we start offering faster speeds.

Thank you for any help, Chris

Hi , 

Operating mode Green field is preferable when there are no a,b,g stations in the environment . Please enable
A-MSDU and short preamble for better throughput in the config 
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I can confirm these changes improve the performace significantly.

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