R195 5ghz password encypted in the config file

we use the DHCP config method on our routers... 

we first send the basic password change and security changes that are common on all the routers, then they reboot into the hardware specific config, then finally reboot and download the mac specific config.

we generate simple basic random passwords and network names for the routers and print a sticker, then attach to the routers... 

heres the problem, the variable DEV_WPAPSK1=passwordhere  now will not take plain English. when we change the password in the GUI and save, then pull the key, this variable has an encrypted password. the  WPAPSK1= for the 2ghz password is still plain text... I need the 5ghz password to be plain text as well so we can continue using our existing deployment method and router preparation. 

the wifi names and passwords are tied to the user account, as well as stickers printed for these folks to streamline our support process (and hopefully prevent support calls) as well as expedite end-user configs. 

how do i change this back, not seeing the needed options in the base config. 

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Hi ,

All passwords will be encrpted in downloaded configuration file  for security reasons . 

 Please edit below string with your password in plaintext .  And upload the configfile to router .

WPAPSK1=<2.4GHz password>
RTDEV_WPAPSK1=<5GHz password>



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that is what we do, but it does not honor the 5ghz password in plain text... 

actually I may have found the issue..  "RT" in front of DEV_WPAPSK1 wasn't in our generated config file. 

now the odd part... this has worked on the R201 for us for years. we only got 5ghz complaints for this issue under the R195.

Checking further incase someone else runs into this.