R195 Band Steering - When?

When is band steering going to be available on the R195W/R195P?

Thank you, Chris

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Just following up on this…?

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also interested to see when this may happen

As of now, there is no plan to support band-steering in R-Series/Home Wi-Fi routers.

@CAM_TSK does that mean that Cambium does not plan for new R-Series routers (AX or otherwise)?

Above statement is for its existing product portfolio. i.e, models starting with R.

I would like to see band steering and a mesh unit that can be paired via push-button. TP-Link, Calix and Nokia all have these capabilities now; why not Cambium?


This is possible in our upcoming 11ax Home Wi-Fi routers.

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Is there any more information available about the upcoming 11ax home routers?