R195 on 4.7.1R5 unable to upgrade to 4.7.2R8

Our latest shipment of R195’s came with 4.7.1-R5 on them. Attempting to test 4.7.2-R8 from cnMaestro fails to upgrade units. Tested on two separate routers. One with a config and one without a config and both failed for unknown reason.
Local upgrade gives an error of “Upgrade failed, maybe the file is invalid!”

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Can you paste screen capture of device status tab ?
Need below info


I opened a support ticket #250315

Thank you for providing information.

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We have update support team , they will respond to you.


Did anything become of this?

I have just encountered the same issue as described by user anthonyw.

Additionally, I observed that both of the routers I was unable to upgrade had a MAC address that begins with BCA (also true in anthonyw’s screenshots).

Before posting this reply I reset the problem routers (no change) and downloaded a fresh copy of the firmware .bin file (no change).

I have other r195w routers that do not have the BCA MAC prefix and they were able to update from 4.7.1 (out of box) to 4.7.2 without issue.

We have addressed this issue.

4.7.2 patch release shall be available by end of this month.

Sorry for inconvenience caused.

I have an r195w currently running 4.7.1r5 and tried to go to 4.7.2-R10.

The jobs just says: Sent the software update command to device

Just grabbed 4.7.3-R21 that came out last week and it’s upgrading fine.