R195 routers seem to be rebooting and or config change from CnMaestro

We are seeing more and more of these having issues and have stopped installing them. We see no many random things happening with them mostly random reboots or Lan connection shutting off then back on, Wifi dropping etc. We have our own CnMaestro server onsite and we see this in the logs. Says Cnmaestro initiated a reboot others say Cnmaestro initiated a config change even though we have not done any of these tasks nor do we have any scheduled upgrades or config changes. Once we set it we leave it alone unless a customer calls to switch SSID or PSK etc.

any feedback on this?
we are having an issue where LAN4 and some other port are randomly going up and down. Thinking it may be related to some NTP bug or to r10

I dont think this will ever get addressed. We have slowly started pulling all R195 W from our network and have not had problems since doing so for the customers we replaced to other routers. Sad thing is that even cheap netgear routers are performing better then these units. Would be nice to recoup our money on these lemons!

If you change the name of the unit it will reboot to activate on the router.

Well yes obviously! We know this already i am not talking about changing a name. I am referring to them just rebooting or the lan ports drop off by themselves for no reason. No software updates no manual reboots no config changes.

We have slowly started to remove them all from our network and replace them with another vendor and have not had the issues anymore and customers are happier. Nothing like having your name drug thru the mud over something beyond your control.

I get you. We’ve had so many issues. Have your factory reset them after upgrading firmware?

Yes many times. These things are just problematic cambium should stick to wireless products not routers…

How are you getting insight into your customers routers etc?

Cnmaestro is how we saw the alerts after many complaints.

I haven’t had any issues with the latest firmware 4.7.3-r21. Appears to be good on the R195W.

Update firmware → factory reset → reconfigure router → leave everything on defaults except the below:

  1. Turn off dns proxy, AntiDos-P and IP conflict detection.
  2. Set Mss Value(1260-1460) to 1460 but leave on auto (really not sure if this actually helps, but in some instances I achieved better throughput with Mss Mode manual).

I wish they would let us into the wrt OS, we could probably do a lot with the issues in there