R195 Specific VPN route not responding

Hello, been having issues with user defined VPN route on CN Pilot R195P residential router. When using “VPN as default route” mode we are getting a connection. However, we would like to be able to setup on own VPN route with specific server address so we tried but we are getting no VPN connection when using user defined VPN route. Does anyone would know how to setup a specific VPN route on this model CN-R195P model ? Thank you

Hi @safda_wifi

What tunneling protocol are you using, L2TP or PPTP?


Hi @safda_wifi ,

L2TP or PPTP tunnel can established with L2TP/PPTP server like Mikrotik server. Once tunnel is established ,CnPilot router is assigned with Virtual IP address from Mikrotik .You should be able to access this Virtual IP address . All the LAN PC or wlan clients connected to CnPilot router will get IP address from CnPilot Router (LAN DHCP of CnPilot router).

IP Addresses of LAN PCs and wlan clients will get NATed to virtual IP address of CnPilot router and reach the back end network of Mikrotik.


Hello Smirti

Thank you for the answer. Yes a Mikrotik router is used. A VPN connexion is established using a “VPN as default route” configuration. However, we do not want all traffic passing through a VPN so when we try to use “static route” the connection does not work to specified ip address. Woud you know how to configure this way ?

Thank you for your support


You can add static route as below, then the traffic will goes through VPN interface when visit special IP address.

Capture from VPN interface.