R195P - "Configuration failed: Invalid field [max_radios]"

We are also seeing the config failed error for [max_radios]. We have tried 4.7.5-R2 and every firmware down to 4.7.2-R10.
This isn’t a firmware issue. CnMestro is pushing a value that the radio’s don’t know about. Attempted to run a config from template vs AP group and same error happens even though there is no [max_radios] value in the template.

Please advise.

Hi Anthony. On some of the R195P I had to default the unit and flash the firmware a few times before it actually worked. All the best.

@anthonyw This is indeed a firmware issue that was fixed in 4.7.5-R2.
Please download tech support file from cnMaestro and share with us, we shall investigate the issue.

Sent support file. Ticket # 321731

Interested to find out what became of this issue. Was it resolved and if so, how?

@Don anthonyw’s Issue is resolved.

Thanks for the response. What was the solution?

We shared with Anthony an improved firmware version with the fix of RBN-1393 to handle flash disk space better.

I need this as we are seeing additional units that just wont correct with the 475 fm

Sure, please share your email id, we will share the firmware version to you