R195W Cannot ping internal lan devices

Cannot ping internal lan devices when connected to the router directly or wirelessly is there a setting that allows pings from within the lan from device to device behind the router.

Hi ,

In default setting , it should allow ping from one LAN/WLAN client to other . You don’t need to do any other special setting.
please check if client firewall isn’t blocking ping .


Trying to ping from one LAN IP address to another on the R200 & R201 routers HAS NEVER worked. I just tried it again on a R201P, which is using 4.7.2-R10(202103081052) Firmware.

From the LAN ports, you can ping an IP address on the WAN, but not from LAN to LAN.

cnPilots do not allow you to ping a device connected to the LAN port from the cnPilot Administration>Diagnosis>Ping Test window because it is only looking at the WAN interface. This has been the case since the cnPilots were released and has affected the r190, r195, r200, and r201 series equally. Attempting to ping a local device will just show 100% ping loss.

What MiahSchalier says is correct… The CnPilot routers will not allow you to ping from one Lan IP address to another Lan IP address.