R195W + cnMatrix + XV2-2 Configuration Setup

Hi, we try to setup simple network and wifi for small office. Please refer picture.

On this setup, cnMatrix will serve as DHCP server. We have VLAN1, VLAN10 and VLAN20. Also we have 3 SSID for each respective VLANs. No issue for each client on each VLANs to get DHCP IP. The issue is, only client connected to VLAN1 can browse the internet. Is it because R195W cannot set its port as trunk port or there is something wrong with routing table in cnMatrix?

NAT for vlans are craeted on router ?
If not it just will not work.

Couldnt find setting in router to NAT all vlans.
Client on vlan10 and 20 cannot even ping router IP vlan1 (

Network->WAN->VLAN Mode