R195W - Connected devices will not connect to internet

We have 2 brand new routers with 4.7.2-R10 firmware that will not pass traffic from WiFi or LAN ports… They onboard to cnMaestro and we can remote log onto them. Can run ping and tracert from the unit or cnMaestro but no other WAN traffic passes. Cannot downgrade firmware from cnMaestro or from GUI.
Anyone seeing anything similar?

Hi Dave Bradich,
For devices with new cambium MAC OUI (bc:a9:93), downgrade to older builds are not allowed .
Can you share your configuration file and syslog file to my mail nileshkumar.singh@cambiumnetworks.com . I will check those and get back to you.


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Not sure if this is related but I have been getting complaints about intermittent connection and random disconnects and the ones I have been tacking start with the MAC listed above. They have the latest firmware also. Here is the Log from cnMaestro.

This is the Log for the SM which does not show the same connectivity issues.

Note that the connection issues in the Log for the SM was when we were onsite or on the phone doing troubleshooting.

Related maybe?

Hi Jonathan Sulger,

There is no diffrence between performance/connectivity of devices with new and old MAC OUI. Both will perform same .
Only restriction we place is on downgrade .
Please raise a ticket for connectivity issue on our support site , https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/


We have been having the same issues with the upgrade to R21 on the routers. We have narrowed it down to a provisioning issue within Powercode. If we bypass the PC provisioning the routers pass traffic just fine. As soon as the template from PC is applied, only management WAN traffic is passed.