R195W Discontinued?

So after it appears the R190V was discontinued, we switched to using the R195W and a grandstream ATA for customers that wanted voip since there is no replacement for the R190V.

But now I see this notice on the ingram micro distributors website
Is this correct?

This is all making TP-Link look mighty good for a sub USD$70 voip+wifi+cloud router right now.

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R195W is not discontinued.

It is available and will continue support.


The r195W is most definitely not discontinued. Demand is growing very fast, so maybe your distributor is not able to get it. Ingram Micro is not a primary distributor of this product, so their data may be inaccurate. I see you are looking for the unit with the Australia AC plug. May I suggest checking with Bluechip and Streakwave in your region. I just checked their websites, and they are showing out of stock at the moment. I’ll take a look at the supply side and see what open orders they have.

If possible, please contact me directly I’d like to find out more of what you are doing, maybe get your input on WIFI 6. My Cambium email is: daran.hermans@cambiumnetworks.com

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