R195w PS4 Wifi Issues

Two different service tickets for an issue with a PS4 high ping / lag / just not loading a game.

This issue is only present when they are connected to the wifi, when they hard plug into the router no issue. Replaced router with a UBNT Aircube the issue goes away.

I have tried changing the channel, channel size and the two latest firmware versions.

Interested in what cambium will reply with for you… havent had this issue but had lots off issues with r195w, some have been resolved in the latest firmware but still in some situations we replace the r195w with a dlink or tplink or some generic router and we see issues go away.

crickets, what issues are you seeing?

Man, we had so many but I will say the latest firmware cleared many up. If this is an older PS4 the 2.4ghz is absolute garbage on it… we had hardlined any PS4 that only has the 2.4ghz radio, PS4 Pro no problem because it has a 5ghz radio and it had no issues. I can confirm that the 2.4ghz on the Cambium r195w does not work well with the PS4 that only has the 2.4 radio