R195w repeater mode

Is there no repeater mode for r195w routers?

Yes , it is there.

Please see attached images.



Thanks Nilesh!!

So the r195 that is repeater mode connects to main AP/router(r195w) with the 5GHz channel, so all clients that connect to either the main AP/router or the repeater only connect using the 2.4GHz since the 5 is using to connect AP and repeater?

Also, on the repeater does one disable the lan dhcp so the IPs are dealt out from the main AP/Router? 

Hi ,

Even if you have configured repeater on 5GHz, you still will be able to connect clients to it .

If you have configured Repeater WAN in bridge mode , you will get IP from Base AP . Better to disable DHCP on Repeater .

If you have Repeater WAN in NAT mode , you will need to keep running DHCP on repeater , but change default IP pool on Repeater from to something else .

Below are few article to help you with configuration .


http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/cnPilot-R-Series-Home-Small/Wi-Fi-Range-Extender-between-cnPilot-R-and-E-Series-Access-Point/m-p/73717#M30 --> You can use Both Base AP and repeater as R-series. This one coveres both bridge mode and NAT mode . Just Ignore E-series configuration .



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Hi Nilesh,

If I put the repeaters ssid and password the same as the main AP can we expect devices to connect seamlessly from main AP to repeater?